February 13, 2008

power sculpt

Breakfast 500

Scrambled eggs with tomato, banana milkshake

Fuji apple, ground walnuts with sugar (tastes better than it sounds)

A.M. snacks 500

Kettle corn, chocolate chip cookie

Cashews, brownies

Rice Krispies treats, more chocolate chip cookies

I am so dying at, like, 35.

Lunch 450

Lean Cuisine southwest-style chicken panini, navel orange, sugar cookies (not pictured)

I love this weather -- yesterday it was 80 degrees. In February! Only in L.A.
I had lunch and an amazing free on a blanket on the senior lawn. It was glorious.

Early P.M. snacks 430

Coconut glazed donut, brownie bites (not pictured), nian gao bars (my grandma won't stop baking)

Dinner 400

Shui sun sau rou (water bamboo shoots with braised pork), soup with pork, tofu, mu er mushrooms and huang cai vegetables

Rice (more like porridge), exotic mushroom stir-fry (dong gu, oyster and button mushrooms) with peas and chicken, kabocha squash soup

Beef, ban doufu (mixed tofu salad)

Late P.M. snacks 150

Brownie bites (I overbaked them, ugh), grapefruit

Total 2430
I'll have two 'splurge' days a month -- this was one of them. The other days I'll stay between 1600-1700.
Workout - Yes / Eating after 8 - Yes