February 28, 2008

you can be jesus tomorrow

10-second snapshot
1 Allergies
2 Ohmigod, it's almost Friday!
3 Kiss Me Kate rehearsals
4 Singing Seven Last Words of Christ at Oneonta Congregational Church in South Pasadena, 5 P.M. Sunday
5 Not getting enough sleep
6 Not doing homework
7 Wondering how 5 can coexist with 6
8 Randy Jackson presents America's Best Dance Crew on MTV
9 Go to the printing place near school and order 35 Kiss Me Kate posters, trimmed, and other Assistant Director duties
10 Food, food, food -- I love it way too much
Extra Credit Should I get a MacBook or a Vaio or a Dell XPS?

Breakfast 500

Strawberry and yogurt parfait with homemade maple and brown sugar granola (I love this picture)

Grapefruit, creamy cottage cheese (totally smooth, so delish), sliced almonds

A.M. snacks 80

Brownie bites

Lunch 360

Cedarlane beans, rice and cheese burrito, strawberries

Early P.M. snacks 200

Ghetto Ralphs granola (I'm so into those extra dates), carrot sticks

Vegetable Thins, apple (from Amira!)

Dinner 600+

Amira's mom brought Lebanese food. Oh, my god.

I'm not even going to try to describe everything. It was all SO good.

Chicken, beef, lamb, falafel (which is apparently pronounced fa-la-FELL and not fuh-LA-ful, according to Mira's sis Hannah)

Hannah goes to Glendale High a.k.a. Armenian High so we should trust her judgment.
Pineapple for dessert!

Late P.M. snacks 550

After chorus practice at Mr. Hill's church (which has AMAZING acoustics, by the way -- I was like, "Is that really us? It can't be") there was this spread of goodies.
Brownie bites (2), peanut butter pretzels, chocolate meringues (1), blood oranges (one million exactly)
Mapo tofu, jie lan (not pictured)

Total 2290+
Workout - None / Eating after 8 - Yes


Lisa said...

wowwww haha you weren't kidding about eating a lot yesterday. But if you add up all the ice cream i ate, i still win.

i love the 10 second snapshot! esp 5 and 6. im getting wayyy to much sleep. we should trade lives for a bit. =)