February 3, 2008

exposure: lil mama, jr aquino, ryan leslie

I know, I know. You could say that Lip Gloss was one of the most annoying songs of 2007. But you really can't deny that 1) Lil Mama has an awesome flow, 2) girl can dance, and 3) her songs are catchy and slightly addicting. I'm a huge fan.

You've probably heard this song on the radio by now, but if you haven't, it's definitely worth a listen. And the video is worth a watch. Lil Mama and Chris Brown are workin' it! And, as bonus number three, T-Pain is actually not annoying -- his rap portion is pretty tight.

Plus, Chris's faces are HILARIOUS.

What can I say about this dude?! He's got a great voice. I love him cuz he's reppin' for all them GOOD Asian singers out there (all, like, eight of them).

This man is AMAZING. He's got a great singing voice, he can rap, he makes hot beats, he produces, he's fine ... um ... I could go on for a while. I think this song is several months old but to me it's still HOT. I love it!

In this video, Ryan spliced together videos of himself singing, producing and mixing the beats so it looks like he's doing all three things at the same time -- it's sick.

And for a more recent version of the song. This one's got Kanye in it (doesn't EVERY remix seem to have Kanye in it nowadays?), otherwise it sounds pretty much the same.