February 16, 2008

rocky cola cafe

Mr. Mullins is SO good. If he did this every week morning meeting would actually be exciting (sorry Kyong)!

Mr. Mullins on guitar

Breakfast 330

I plan my breakfasts. I'm such a dork.
Cottage cheese and apricot preserves, grapefruit smoothie, grapefruit, veggie burger (pre-recovery of camera)

A.M. snacks 220

Fuji apple, orange, pistachios

Lunch 450

Lean Cuisine southwest chicken panini, rest of orange

Homemade Samoa (they took me FOREVER)

Kyong's pro photoshoot of Neilio

Dinner 700

Raspberry and lemon teas with honey, ahi tuna tacos

Dessert 500

Belgian waffle with chocolate and vanilla ice creams, hot fudge, peanut butter cups, whipped cream and nuts (something like one of the best desserts everr)

Late P.M. snack 90

Brownie bite

Total 2290
Workout - No / Eating after 8 - Yes (damnit)


Amira said...


and those samoas were fantastic, and so was mr. mullins.

Lisa said...

hahahaha my personal favorite is the photoshoot of neilio. brilliant!

i second amira's comment. that belgium waffles makes me drool...haha