February 11, 2008

dinesh d'souza

Dinesh D'Souza, a conservative writer and speaker, gave an assembly at school today. He was SO interesting, but then I went home and Wiki'ed him and realized that he totally toned his message down for our little liberal bastion of a school. I think he's fascinating.

Breakfast 380

Toast with butter, scrambled eggs with caramelized onions and mushrooms, grapefruit

A.M. snack 80

Fuji apple

Lunch 270

Vegetable potsticker from Katie Chen (not pictured), Lean Cuisine grilled chicken primavera

P.M. snacks 280

Coconut oatmeal cookie, orange
Chocolate chip cookie, sea salt pita chips (not pictured)

Dinner 400

Rusung tang, broccoli and carrot stir-fry

Ban doufu, cau jiang (beancurd and edamame in a soy-based sauce), steamed sea bass

Late P.M. snacks 450

Apple strudel, butter pecan ice cream

Grapefruit, kettle corn, soybean butter (not pictured)

Total 1860