February 1, 2008

party like a rockstar

Thursday, January 31

Breakfast 380

Bananas and raspberries with yogurt, BBQ pork bun

A.M. snacks 480

Made myself a cookies and cream ice cream sandwich, which of course lead to an ice cream bingee. Yum.
And an orange.

Lunch 400

Sugar snap peas, unbelievably sweet papaya, cucumbers

Garlicky tender broccoli, baby tomatoes

P.M. snacks 400

Soy-marinated egg, mocha almond mousse torte (frozen), one of Grandma's nian gao muffins (so good)

We went to Lisa and Landry's half-birthday bash!
Lisa was 17 1/2, Landry was 18 1/2. And everybody was a second semester senior!

Dinner 1400

Starters: salad, garlic bread

Laura and me! Isn't she gorge?!

Studs Kyong and Neil, with hottie slash pimp Amira

Me and Laura again ...

... and some of my favorite girlies!

Amira with her hot date Jon, and Jon with his hot date Charlie

Main course: pasta (fettuccine alfredo and chicken diablo) and chicken over green beans

Then out came the cupcakes! A platter each for Landry and Lisa.

Cutest picture everr.

We had mirrors for placecards! And in that picture with the birthday girl, you can see Amira's amazing ceiling decorations in the corner.

Total 3060

Friday, February 1

Lunch 900
Laura and I had a super-late breakfast slash late lunch at Gyu-Kaku, the Japanese place on Green and Delacey in Old Town. It was an amazing experience! You grill your own food on these circular grills of deliciousness in the middle of the table.

Laura looking cute as always

They mixed up our bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) at the table!

We grilled these bits of yumminess at our table. There were marinated beef, chicken and veggies.

And of course our lunch combo came with a salad, miso soup and steamed rice.

The bibimbap all mixed up ... so good.

For dessert we ordered the 'yakimochi' with black sesame ice cream and Japanese maple syrup. You grill the little pieces of mochi and they get all puffy and toasted -- the outside is crispy and the inside gooey and chewy. They're not sweet but they were PERFECT with the black sesame ice cream.

Dinner 250

Cucumbers, asparagus, fresh bamboo shoot and beancurd stir-fry

Bell peppers and edamame, roasted tomato and garlic bisque

Post-dinner munchies 800

Blueberries with whipped cream, frozen mocha almond mousse torte (like ice cream. delish), homemade mochi with red bean paste filling

Soybean butter, candy cane Joe-Joe, navel orange

Total 1950


Lisa said...

ahhhh i love this post!!! first of all....yummy food all around. you looked amazing that nighttt and i'm really really sad that we didnt get to camera whore. ughhh we'll hafta wear the same exact outfits, decorate her house the same exact way and redo that night. love uuuu