February 3, 2008

semester break

Saturday, February 2

Breakfast 600

I baked pancakes! They were light, fluffy and so good (yes, the bottom two are slightly past the golden brown stage, shut up). I ate them with butter, maple syrup and raspberry sauce. Mmm.
Also had soymilk and papaya to round everything out.

A.M. snacks 300

Candy cane Joe-Joe (I'm working my way through the box), chocolate orange cake

Asparagus, Joe-Joe ice cream sandwich (I'm so obsessed with this new creation -- I scrape out the filling of the Joe-Joes and put in ice cream instead), sugar cookies

Lunch 150

Mixed squash (zucchini and yellow squash), Chinese sausage, dong gua (winter melon) soup

This weekend was a fabulous Oak Glen outing! There was snow and everything. It did rain a lot though, but we were all cozy inside the house. =)

P.M. snacks 150

Brownie bites from Stater Brothers, weirdly addicting roasted peanuts

Dinner 800

Getting ready to put together my pizza!

Laura's mom had everything set up and perfect.

First you brush the crust with olive oil and lay down your sauces ...

... then load on all your toppings and cheeses.

I did half BBQ chicken and half tomato, basil and mozzarella.

My finished pizza all ready for the oven!

Laura made her pizza like a pro.

My completed pizza ... it was GBD (golden brown and delicious).

Dessert 90

Raspberries and cream ice cream bar!

Who's a G?

Total 2090

Sunday, February 3

Brunch 500

Laura's mom wasn't feeling so good so she couldn't make us her world-famous blueberry pancakes. But her dad made up some amazing French toast with the awesomeness that is English toasting bread from Stater Brothers. We topped it with powdered sugar, maple syrup, blueberries and blackberries and had bacon and eggs on the side. It was delish!

P.M. snacks 500

Laura, Neil and I baked up a cake for Mrs. Glass's birthday. It was so sad because she was sick and she couldn't have any!

We taste tested the cake for her. Of course it was really good because it was Funfetti! And we finished up some of the BBQ chicken pizza from last night.

Laura's weekend house! I love it! ♥

Pre-dinner munchies 280

Pistachios, broccoli and carrot stir-fry, fresh papaya, fresh bamboo shoots

Dinner 250

Green onion pancake, mushroom and green pea stir-fry (my Grandpa loves all kinds of beans and peas and such), sugar snap peas, porridge (so good. I can't leave it alone)

Post-dinner snacks 540

Joe-Joe ice cream sandwiches, cookies and cream ice cream

Not pictured but also eaten tonight: rocky road ice cream, sugar cookie, chocolate covered almonds

Total 2070


Lisa said...

omggg you are a pro and that pizza looks amazzzing!