February 27, 2008

happy birthday laurie!

Breakfast 460

Creamy oatmeal with cinnamon and sliced almonds, raspberry mousse (firm silken tofu + frozen raspberries + vanilla + sweetener)

Tomato with sugar, banana mini muffins (4)

A.M. snacks 350

Green tea pumpkin seeds, Funfetti cupcake

Girl Scout Lemon Chalet Cookie, Annie's CG campaign sugar cookie

Lunch 360

Pizza wrap, navel orange

Early P.M. snacks 350

Funfetti cupcake, brownie (not pictured), carrot sticks

Dinner 400

Italian and yellow squashes, kong xing cai (open-heart vegetable)

Chinese celery stir-fry, ba bao fan (Eight Treasure rice, a Chinese dessert), soup with dong gua and bamboo shoots

Late P.M. snacks 150

Fresh papaya and strawberries

Total 2070
Workout - The Biggest Loser: Cardio Max (I love Bob) / Eating after 8 - HAYELL NO


Amira said...

raspberry mousse for breakfast!!!