February 14, 2008


I think I left my camera in the library at school.
Or, more correctly, I'd BETTER have left my camera in the library at school, and not in some other random place I can't think of.

EDIT (February 15) Found it in the library! I was SO relieved.

Breakfast 500

Swiss muesli with apples, oats, raisins, sliced almonds, cinnamon and yogurt, grapefruit smoothie, grapefruit, kabocha squash soup

A.M. snacks 200

Neil's island cookies (coconut, pecans and chocolate chunks), cashews

Lunch 500

Valentine's Day Funfetti cake (by Neil)

Lean Cuisine chicken, spinach and mushroom panini, orange

Bobby and Joey illustrated this amazing cover.

EDIT Right here was when I left my camera in the library ... so I started taking pics with my cell phone. (Shut up. I'm not addicted to anything.)

Early P.M. snacks 260

Spam musubi, carrot sticks, nian gao, papaya

Dinner 400

Three-mushroom stir-fry with peas and bamboo shoots, rice porridge, sauteed spinach with garlic, sauteed zucchini, soup with tofu, mu er, huang cai and pork, some pork-vegetable dish, cau jiang (beancurd, edamame, pork, and bamboo shoots in a soy-based sauce)

Post-dinner snacks 520

Rice pudding, apple strudel with chocolate sauce, grapefruit, homemade Samoas and chocolate dipped shortbread cookies, banana smoothie

Total 2380
WTF, I thought I ate less today. I am STILL eating way too much after dinner. Okay, I'll choose my dessert -- 150 max. And I'll stop standing around in the kitchen for, like, 2 hours every day.
Workout - Yes / Eating after 8 - No


Lisa said...

wow theres a HUGE difference between crappy cell phone pics and the ones ur amazing camera takes!!! haha and its sooo ironic that u took of a picture in the library!!! =)