February 20, 2008

i hate uc scholarship apps

Breakfast 500

Scrambled eggs, papaya mousse (silken tofu + papaya)

Cinnamon raisin bread with butter, grapefruit

A.M. snacks 230

Cashews, pineapple (and Ian)

Lunch 450

Lean Cuisine spaghetti in marinara sauce, orange, quiche (not pictured)

Early P.M. snacks 400

Chocolate chip cookie, donut holes, biscotti

Oreo, McDonald's fry, brownie bite

Corn chowder

Dinner 300

Rice, Chinese sausage, asparagus

Su ya (vegetarian duck, tastes nothing like duck but it's delish), corn chowder with broccoli, onions, and carrots

Post-dinner snacks 600++

Chocolate pudding cake with whipped cream, homemade chocolate chip cookies (3)

Orange, carrots, plus tons of stress eating at around 1 A.M. (soup, candy cane Joe-Joe, snack biscuits, tomato, pumpkin pudding)

Total 2480+++
Workout - Crunch: Super Slimdown - Pilates Yoga Blend / Eating after 8 - Yes