February 10, 2008


My gosh. HOW have I not discovered Lupe Fiasco till now? He's THE SHIT.

February 8

Breakfast 350

Banana smoothie, scrambled eggs with tomato, grapefruit (eating in the morning takes me, like, 40 minutes)

A.M. snacks 400

Fuji apple slices, Ms. Madsen's amazing chocolate cupcakes

Lunch 200

Lean Cuisine roasted turkey breast, Nerds rope

P.M. snacks 200

Ms. Madsen's brownies (from 7th period gov class), cherries

Dinner 450

Zen Asian Bistro before the Valentine's day dance
Lisa's pineapple fried rice, my fresh summer rolls, Amira's 'Westridge roll' (sushi)

P.M. snacks 500
Afterparty bean dip, brownies, blondies, mixed drinks, Redvines, M&Ms, Baked Ruffles

Total 2100

February 9

Breakfast 600
French toast made by the gorgeous Hannah (Mira's sis) and breakfast taquitos

Snacks 470

1 The barista at the Barnes & Noble Cafe slash Starbucks smushed the whipped cream on my mocha frappuccino
2 Fresh pineapple

1 I am obsessed with my grandma's veggie soup. I think she put crack in it or something
2 Reese's peanut butter cups

Dinner 500

Ban doufu (mixed tofu), baby bok choy, chicken and onion stir-fry

Rice, more souuuup

Dessert 100

Cherries, lemon-ginger frozen yogurt

Late, late P.M. snack 400

Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, soup

Total 2070