February 19, 2008

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Breakfast 460

Blueberry yogurt, grapefruit smoothie, grapefruit

California veggie burger, rusung vegetable soup

A.M. snacks 260

Cashews, Fiber One oats and chocolate bar

Lunch 400

Lean Cuisine mediterranean chicken

McDonald's fries, chocolate chip cookie, lasagna (not pictured)

Dinner 400

Orange and white cauliflower, daikon and something-something stir-fry, breaded pork chops

Za cai with pork, xian cai soup with pork and glass (vermicelli) noodles, rusung vegetable soup (don't worry, there isn't any more, I finished the pot -- it's like the third pot of this soup my grandma's made in two weeks)

Dessert 200

Brownie bite with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and sliced almonds; cherries

Post-8 snacking 200
Papaya, pineapple, Funfetti cookies

Total 1920
Workout - No / Eating after 8 - Yes