February 21, 2008

this is my buddy wall

Breakfast 400

Papaya-tofu pudding, baked sweet potato

Mushroom and onion quesadilla, spiced pumpkin

A.M. snacks 200

Pistachios (not pictured), orange

Lunch 450

Lean Cuisine butternut squash ravioli, chocolate shortbread cookie

Early P.M. snacks 170

Popcorn (kettle corn), blueberry muffin

Dinner 500

Rice, squash (yellow and Italian) stir-fry, brussels sprouts

Pork with roasted chestnuts, daikon soup with bamboo shoots

Late P.M. snacks 170

Funfetti cookie (not pictured), grapefruit, chocolate chip cookie, soy milk

Total 1890
Workout - Element: Ballet Conditioning / Eating after 8 - Brussels sprouts and daikon soup