February 23, 2008


Breakfast 400

Egg over easy, cinnamon raisin bread with pumpkin butter

Grapefruit, pumpkin, chocolate-almond cluster

A.M. snacks 130

South Beach Living Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, pistachios

Lunch 340

Smart Ones Szechuan style lo mein, orange

Dinner 600

Salad, kimchijeon, banchan

Random banchan (small plates)

Those fish cakes (right) were really good

Soontofu (also spelled sundubu jjigae)


Toasted rice (from the sides of the stone bowls) with green tea -- like a palate cleanser; frozen yogurt

Coffeehouse snacks 700

Brownies, Cole's cashew chocolate chip cookies, blondies, cinnamon rolls

Total 2170
Workout - None / Eating after 8 - Cashew Chocolate Chip cookies, rusung soup