February 18, 2008


Breakfast 400

The All-American breakfast: bacon, sausage, scrambled eggs, waffles with Aunt Jemima (non-racist) syrup

A.M. snacks 250

Do you see the steam over that hazelnut cream coffee with milk and sugar?!

Sliced pear and blueberries, Princess fruit snacks

Neil, me.

Lunch 575

Corner Bakery Bavarian turkey sandwich on pretzel bread, chicken tortilla soup, carrots

Early P.M. snacks 50

Boba milk tea

Dinner 1200

Huge salad, chili and split pea soups, pasta salad

Pasta, broccoli, buttermilk cornbread, blueberry muffin

More soup, chocolate lava cake, honeydew melon, chocolate lava cake with vanilla and chocolate soft serve

Late P.M. snacks 600

Orange, Tagalongs, rusung soup

Total 3075
Workout - Yes / Eating after 8 - Yes


Amira said...

your life is a freaking buffet. gah.