February 7, 2008

gongxi facai

Happy Chinese New Year y'all!

year of the rat
It's the Year of the Rat. Hope you're prosperous and lucky and all that jazz.

Breakfast 350

Grapefruit, banana smoothie, BBQ pork bun

A.M. snack 100

Wheat Thins with Laughing Cow Swiss cheese wedge (I'm out of the Swiss, so I'm going to have to think of some new snack to bring)

Lunch 310

Lean Cuisine herb roasted chicken, banana

P.M. snacks 200

Kettle corn, Kung Pao chicken sample from Trader Joe's, skinny caffe mocha from Starbucks

Dinner 500

Beef, chicken with green onions, bamboo

Tofu and vegetable soup, salmon

Post-dinner snacks 250

Papaya, pineapple

Homemade sugar cookie, navel orange

Total 1710