February 23, 2008

tufts interview

Breakfast 650

Grapefruit, something like 6 bowls of vegetable soup (my grandma made another pot ... nnngh), nian gao, Cheerios

Lunch 120

Shanghai-style stir-fried nian gao, sesame ball

Early P.M. snacks 800

Nian gao, banana bread mini-muffins

Cashews, brownie bites, vegetable soup, Jacques Torres dark chocolate-covered cherries

Dinner 300

Pork patties, edamame and Chinese picked cucumber stir-fry, Italian squash and broccoli

Grapefruit, navel orange

Total 1870
Workout - The Biggest Loser: Cardio Max (my gosh, SO effing difficult but I loved it) / Eating after 8 - NO!