March 1, 2008

monte carlo night

Breakfast 350

Raspberry slush, cinnamon raisin toast with (cottage) cream cheese, jie lan (Chinese broccoli), mapo tofu

A.M. snacks 100

Asian pear

Lunch 420

Smart Ones tuna noodle gratin, navel orange, pasta salad, chocolate Quadratini (not pictured)

Early P.M. snacks 200

Pistachios, Thai vegetable gyoza (which are really dumplings, not gyoza) from Trader Joe's, Brazil nuts, iced coffee from Starbucks

Dinner 450

Burger and chocolate chip cookie

Late P.M. snacks 540
Chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies (2)

Total 2060
Workout - None / Eating after 8 - Fo sho


Lisa said...

woah since when does tiff drink straight coffee? haha and that burger looks surprisingly good!