March 23, 2008

happy sigh

Breakfast 250

Reese's Puffs with milk

A.M. snacks 25

Trader Joe's sample: honey cured ham

Lunch 560

Applebee's: chicken and portabello sandwich, mini burgers

Rite Aid: chocolate malted krunch (bliss)

Early P.M. snacks 200

The signs of fresh squeezed OJ!

Orange pulp (my fave), chocolate chip cookie

Dinner 500

Nian gao, hongshao youyu (braised squid with ginger)

Zhu shitou (see note from yesterday), steamed sea bass

Sautéed lettuce, baiyebao soup

Dessert and such 125

Cantaloupe, white nectarine (hehehe)

Total 1670
Workout - Eughhhhhh / Eating after 8 - Probably, but I don't recall.


Amira said...

i love how you link some of these to wikipedia

and reese's puffs are the besteresterest.