March 12, 2008

i'm always true to you, darling, in my way

Kiss Me Kate is my LIFE right now. And damn do I love it ♥

Breakfast 400

Banana tofu pudding, whole wheat pancakes with blueberry and apricot preserves, ginormous strawberries, soup with huang ya cai and pork

A.M. snacks 60

White nectarine

Lunch 350

Healthy Choice Café Steamers Creamy Dill Salmon, the sweetest spinach

Vanilla Bean Joe-Joe from Laura

Early P.M. snacks 300

The Joe-Joe from lunch was so good I had to buy a box. Mmmm. And carrot juice too.

Yuko (hottie) and me in our 1948 costumes

Grapes, navel orange

Dinner 500

Ohmygosh Baja Fresh. Chicken taco with salsa, beef fajita, beans and rice, cheese quesadilla with sour cream, guacamole, tortilla chips, grapes

Late P.M. snacks 50

Cauliflower-carrot stir fry, green baby bok choy (not pictured)

Total 1660
Workout - Kiss Me Kate rehearsal? / Eating after 8 - Yes, but just veggies