March 14, 2008

kiss me kate opening night

Breakfast 500

Baby bok choy, soybean butter and blueberry preserves on cinnamon raisin toast (= messed up but delish PB&J), strawberries

Chocolate calcium chew, nian gao

A.M. snacks 250

Blueberry mini muffin, frosted sugar cookie

Lunch 300

Healthy Choice Café Steamers chicken marsala, cauliflower-carrot stir fry

Early P.M. snacks 30

Green tea Pocky

Dinner 440

Pre-premiere Panda Express! Beef and broccoli, orange chicken, chow mein, fried rice, mixed fruit, fortune cookie

Late P.M. snacks 500

White nectarine, chocolate chip cookie, white chocolate macadamia nut cookie

Lettuce with garlic; cabbage-onion stir fry

Total 2020
Workout - Kiss Me Kate opening night!! / Eating after 8 - Yes