March 27, 2008

senior horizons, day 1

Breakfast 350

Daikon cake, butternut squash soup

Grapefruit, chocolate calcium chew

A.M. snacks 200

I didn't realize they had breakfast for us at Descanso Gardens!
Glazed donut, coffee with cream and sugar

Lunch 700

Turkey wrap with avocado (yummy), giant oatmeal raisin cookie, fruit salad

Early P.M. snacks 170

Chocolate covered almonds, homemade trail mix, vanilla bean Joe-Joe

Laura and me!

We are like monkeys.

Climbing trees is so much fun! I definitely missed out as a kid.

Dinner 450

Chinese celery stir-fry with pork, hongsao daikon with green onions

Scrambled eggs with tomato, napa cabbage soup with mung bean threads

Post-dinner snacks 300

Fruit salad (not pictured), navel orange, Asian pear, etc

Total 2170
Workout - Um ... the walk to Encanto Park? / Eating after 8 - Yes