March 25, 2008


... and I got firecupped too. I am so hardcore, lol.

Breakfast 500

Coconut yogurt with homemade yogurt, fried egg over medium (my favorite), soymilk

I sliced up bananas to put in my yogurt, and I had some more cabbage soup. I could live off that stuff.

Lunch 400

Healthy Choice smokehouse apple and chicken panini, navel orange

Early P.M. snacks 30

Sliced yellow bell pepper

Dinner 450

My grandma is a cooking machine. Black pepper pork chops with green peas, seaweed salad, sautéed broccoli and baby pea sprouts

+ = ahhhhhhhhhh.

Need I say more?

Post-dinner snacks 300

Asian pear, York peppermint patty, random nuts and cookies, broccoli (not pictured)

Total 1680
Workout - Tomorrow. Really. Maybe. / Eating after 8 - Veggies