March 18, 2008


Breakfast 340

Turkey ham, egg and Swiss on a toasted English muffin

Grapefruit, frozen banana (yes, I get the Victoria's Secret catalog ... get your frikkin mind out of the gutter)

A.M. snacks 750

It's the second Tuesday of the month = Senior Breakfast Day = happiness!
Lemon and chocolate mini-muffins, mini cinnamon roll, donut hole, strawberries

Foods I didn't take pictures of but still recorded cause I'm a good girl ... molasses ginger cookie, scone, banana-walnut mini-muffin.

Lunch 340

Spinach and ricotta lasagna from Trader Joe's

Early P.M. snacks 310

Fudge bar, white nectarine

I baked chocolate chip biscotti.

Grapefruit, cinnamon sugar cookie (snickerdoodle)

Dinner 350

Pork-stuffed cucumber, jellyfish (yes), lettuce, asparagus

Carrot-onion cakes, egg drop soup, rice (always)

Post-8 Munchies 100
Romaine lettuce, egg drop soup, chocolate chip biscotti

Total 2190
Workout - Walk / Eating after 8 - Yes