March 10, 2008


Breakfast 500

Baked sweet potato, whole wheat pancakes with strawberry sauce

Yogurt, ground walnuts with sugar

A.M. snacks 300

Broccoli, gan bei cau huang ya cai

Fresh mango, chunky brownie frozen yogurt

Lunch 300

Rice, bamboo shoots, huang ya cai, Fudgsicle

Early P.M. snacks 300

Carrot sticks, butterfly cookies, grapes, Ruffles, bagel chips, tangerines

Dinner 900

Salad, stuffed mushrooms, pasta, ravioli

Lord of the Rings ice cream cake

Post-8 snacks 500

Mango, grapefruit (not pictured), soy-glazed walnuts

Total 2800
Workout - Karaoke / Eating after 8 - Yes