March 3, 2008

every time i do it i do it for my hood

Young Jeezy - "My Hood"

1 Exercise then sleep (see number 2)
2 Don't even try to do homework -- it's not gonna work. Save it for your frees
3 Drink more tea (I'm thoroughly obsessed with jasmine right now)
4 Help people with Kiss Me Kate choreography
5 Return cookbooks to Arcadia library (they must be, like, 2 weeks late by now)
6 Spread some love ♥

Breakfast 500

Fried eggs over easy with soy sauce, toast with cottage cream cheese, tomatoes with sugar

Shaomai, walnut crumble with sugar, cashews (not pictured)

A.M. snacks 120

Asian pear

Lunch 350

Swedish meatballs, kettle corn

Early P.M. snacks 160

Carrot sticks (not pictured), brownie

Dinner 340

Tofu, potatoes and carrots, Chinese sausage (not pictured), soup with xiao qing cai, tree ear mushrooms and glass noodles, rice (duh)

Post-dinner munchies 720

Mango, chunky brownie frozen yogurt (homemade)

Chocolate with almonds, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Post-8 (300)

Orange, blueberries

Frozen banana, chocolate covered almonds

Total 2190
Workout - Don't remember / Eating after 8 - No
Okay, so my problem is really just mindlessly snacking after dinner -- I need to limit myself to, like, 200 or so calories worth. Maybe 100 or so right after dinner and 100 reserve for random post-8 P.M. snacking?


david santos said...

Good page, Tiffany!
Good luck.