March 22, 2008


Breakfast 500

Baiyebao/baiyejie tang (soup-whose-name-is-too-much-effort-to-translate), ruobuo gao (turnip cake)

European style yogurt with honey, strawberries and granola; cashew, almond and cranberry trail mix

Chocolate calcium chew, orange

Lunch 350

Sautéed green leaf lettuce, scrambled eggs with tomato (in Chinese cuisine you usually don't eat eggs for breakfast), zu shi tou (you don't wanna know), rice


Early P.M. snacks 400

I made banana ice cream with soymilk. It was creamy and cold and perfect, since today was so nice out.

Ice cream maker before and after. You see those frozen bits? I live for those. It's like Dippin' Dots.

Dark chocolate with almonds, almond cookie


Dinner 450

Chao tudou shi (stir-fried potatoes with peppers), sautéed green leaf lettuce, steamed sea bass

Soup, cucumbers stuffed with pork, mayi shang shu (ants climbing a tree)

Dessert 200

Crepes with strawberries and chocolate syrup (I had one with powdered sugar and lemon), papaya-tofu ice cream

Post-8 80


Total 1980
Workout - Ehmmmm. I need to get to work on those / Eating after 8 - Yes


Amira said...

corrrrnbread, lol

Anonymous said...

lol I know what zhu she (not shi?) tou is...