March 24, 2008

only man i ever think of with regret

We're singing "Someone To Watch Over Me" for the spring music concert -- it's so pretty.

Ella Fitzgerald - "Someone To Watch Over Me"

Breakfast 320

Tuna salad wrap, mushroom and bamboo shoot bun

Leek bun, grapefruit, chocolate calcium chew

A.M. snacks 190

Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut granola bars: the best granola bars. Ever. Especially the peanut kind.
Also: yellow bell pepper slices

What I did during my 5th period free instead of writing my government makeup essay.
Eughh, I feel like such a pervert. Is it my fault I like hot sexy men?! Damnit.

Lunch 330

Trader Joe's bean and rice burrito (mmm), vanilla Joe-Joe (double mmm)

Early P.M. snacks 80

Asian pear

Pre-dinner snacks/dinner 600

Rusung soup (Russian cabbage soup), soybeans (edamame) sautéed with bell peppers, soy and garlic marinated eggplant

Sautéed green leaf lettuce

Post-dinner snacks 420

Navel orange, sliced strawberries topped with whipped cream and drenched in chocolate syrup (yeah baby)

Post-8 [200]

Blueberries, chocolate covered frozen banana

Total 1940
Workout - I don't care about getting fat and flabby because I don't have a date to Prom. Eat that. / Eating after 8 - Yes