March 10, 2008

this is a really good salad

Sunday night was Laurie's amazing yacht party in Marina del Rey!

Me and Lisa acted touristy in front of the fountain in the park.

The captain explained safety rules (I didn't really listen, something about life jackets and such) while everybody munched.

View from the middle deck of the boat

1 Everybody was gathered around
2 The captain looks silly


Regulation hotties! (Please tell me you know what movie that's from*)
*Mean Girls

What's that?
A bird? A plane?

Super-dog! (OK, I tried)

Upper deck shenanigans

Laurie, Dani and Linda did an amazing job decorating the yacht.

Bubbles ♥

Additional camera-whoring. You can ignore us.

I look nasty, but Laurie and Lisa are gorgeousss.

Cutest picture ever!

My god, it was pretty.

Supermodel slash goddess.

I like that lone palm tree on the left side.

Lounging on the outer deck of the yacht. Seriously, it looks small, but there's three stories, two bedrooms and a kitchen!


I like the sun. And the sky. And the birdies too.

Red crayon

Multiple red crayons

Hi, Kyong.

Yay, my makeup is uneven!
(Kyong: Yes, I was definitely wearing liner. And blush. Psh.)


Those clouds are my lifeee

I can see why people like sailing -- they get to see sunsets like these


Silhouette = artsier?

I guess not.

Last one, I promise.

It was SO nice outside!

Natalie and me! I love this girl -- she's sweet and gorgeous!

Neil in his snazzy tuxedo shirt

Why, hello, Kaba's butt.
(Obviously, I did not take this picture.)

Three musketeers!
(Lisa: I, too, need a better version of this picture. And a glass of water. Stat!)

Linda was playing with my camera.

Fortunately for everybody, Laurie's karaoke machine had "I'm Too Sexy" as well as several other American classics.

Gandalf ice cream cake!

Laurie + cake

Laurie + knife + cake + karaoke mike = one happy birthday.
I lurve you Laurie!

♥ Tiff