March 1, 2008


Breakfast 600

Grandma's pork shaomai (Shanghai-style), papaya ice cream (tofu + frozen papaya chunks + food processor = amazing), pancake with strawberries and maple syrup

Grapefruit; cabbage, tomato and onion stir-fry

Lunch 160

Peanut-sesame liang ban noodles (for longevity), fresh strawberries

Early P.M. snacks 700

Funfetti cupcakes! I ♥ you Amira!
Hearing a church chorus sing you Happy Birthday in harmony ... priceless. ♥
Gah, I'm so happy. :) :)

Blood oranges, lemon crisp cookies (Trader Joe's), peanut butter filled pretzels (not pictured), Rice Krispies treat (thanks Neil!), raspberry ice cream, brownie frozen yogurt (not pictured)

Dinner 700
Macaroni Grill!

Rosemary foccaccia, grilled pork chops with mushroom risotto (Grandpa's, so juicy + delicious + flavorful)

BBQ chicken pizza, chocolate cake (cuz we told them it was my birthday)

Late P.M. snacks 300

My birthday cake! It was light and fluffy, not too sweet (= Chinese bakery-style cake).
Yes, that is the biggest birthday candle I've ever seen. It was the size of a pen.

Total 2460
Workout - The Biggest Loser: Power Sculpt (hopefully I burned off a few of those calories from the cake) / Eating after 8 - No (I know! Crazy right?)


Lisa said...

TIFFS LEGAL!!! yayyyy happy birthday again! mmmmm that funfetti looked really yummy...they were prolly better than the ones i made! haha