March 2, 2008

lost wallet + balloons = best day ever!

Neil and Laura planned a surprise birthday party for me! They told me they were taking me to lunch at Green Street Cafe in Pasadena, but they took me to Hamilton Park instead ("I left my wallet there," said Neil) and everybody was there! Chrissy, Laurie, Lisa, Kyong, Ian ...

I had NO idea they had planned this -- I was SO surprised!

So apparently when Laura and Neil ditched me (not really) on Friday night before Monte Carlo, they were at Party City buying stuff!

There was SO much food. These photos are deceiving (Laurie bought 4 boxes of pad thai!).
Neil made pasta with shrimp and broccoli in a cream sauce (he saved the good shrimp for the pasta). Lisa made pork and chive dumplings, Kyong brought fried dumplings, and Laura and Ian made a fruit salad with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Lisa made me a poster with all the hot black men we appreciate so well! And in the interest of diversity she included some Asian men and sexy white men too. Rawr.


Me + Laura (+ Kyong)

My favorite girls! ♥♥♥ (This is actually kind of a bad picture, I need a better version)

Food -- Funfetti cupcakes, fruit salad, cake.

Good story: Neil's mom didn't think their cake would turn out well, so she bought a tiramisu cake "just in case"!

It's the Pancake!

I love these candles.

The spread.

Neil tried to wipe off some of the melted wax but obviously it was futile. Look at the sad state of that P.

Macro mode.

Chrissy signing on and around the hot men.

This is a hilarious picture. Me, Lisa and Neil are the only normal-looking ones.

Laura was fascinated by Kyong's spikes.

And of course we can't go to the park without some jumping pictures!




Um, Kyong, this isn't what I meant by "Kyong, take pictures of all of us."

I love these girls!!

The park. SO many memories here!

Mass jumpage.


Is cool peechur.

And oh, the dog ...

The fluffiest dog in all of dogdom! (Kiss Me Kate inside joke.)

The boys! Don't worry, they have enough testosterone to make up for the fact that we had 5 girls and 3 boys.

Um, at least I hope they do.


Kyong's finger?

Candid. I love Lisa's facial expression here.

"Girls!" (Neil comes running.)

Chrissy had to go change for the concert.

What's everybody looking at?

Nice, Kyong.

I just realized that Laurie and Ian are making the same face. Psychic connection? A fifth sense? ESPN?

Ohmigosh, THANK YOU Laura and Neil for throwing me such an amazing party!! It's definitely the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me and I sooo love you guys to death! And thanks everybody else (Laurie, Lisa, Chrissy, Kyong, Ian) for bringing food and presents and such. I'm still in shock.

Then ...
Chrissy and I performed at the Lenten Concert at Mr. Hill's church -- we sang the Seven Last Words of Christ. It went really well and Neil, Laura, Kyong and Christina Kaba all came to watch! I ♥ you guys!

And if you've made it this far ...
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♥ Tiff