March 21, 2008

chang thai

Pre-lunch munchies 200

Chocolate-covered frozen banana, mini banana custard pie (tofu), half a tomato with sugar (it's good, trust me)

Lunch 750
Me and the grandparents went to Chang Thai restaurant in Monrovia.

Baby bok choy soup

Grandpa got pork pad thai, and me and g-ma split the green curry with chicken. It was fabulouss.

Cold Stone's! Cake batter ice cream with chocolate shavings ... mmm. Super-rich.

Early P.M. snacks 200

Chocolate covered frozen banana, half a tomato, sweetened (deja vu!)

Soy-glazed walnuts, strawberries

Dinner 500

Sautéed sugar snap peas and some Chinese vegetable

Ants climbing a tree (pork with mung bean threads), pork-stuffed cucumbers

Rice porridge (the ultimate Chinese comfort food), nian gao in three flavors -- red sugar, white sugar and rosewater

Post-dinner snacks 400


Post-8 [200]

Chocolate chip biscotti, chocolate chip cookie, pumpkin seeds,
sugar snap peas, sweetened tomato (not pictured)

Total 2050
Workout - Short walk to park with dogs / Eating after 8 - Yes