March 11, 2008

quick change

Breakfast 350

Muesli (apple + oatmeal + raisins + sliced almonds + cinnamon + milk), chocolate calcium chew

A.M. snacks 100

Cinnamon apple chips

Lunch 300

Cajun shrimp and chicken over rice (mmm, jambalaya), cabbage and tomato stir-fry

Early P.M. snacks 780

Jill's chocolate mini cake, Reese's Puffs

Carrot sticks with ranch dressing, nectarine
Random Kiss Me Kate snacks (ughh): mini chocolate chip cookies, Joe-Joes, clementines, pretzels, Cheetoes, mini Reese's peanut butter cups (not pictured)

Dinner 270


Late P.M. snacks 300

Soup, spinach, hugest strawberries I've ever seen (Costco)

Total 2100
Workout - Ummm ... Kiss Me Kate dress rehearsal? / Eating after 8 - Yes


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