March 29, 2008

tall olympics and senior horizons, day 2

Breakfast 250

Failed fried egg over medium, grapefruit

A.M. snacks 360

A buttload of strawberries, blueberry bagel with Nutella and cream cheese, chocolate muffin

At the Jonathan Club for Senior Horizons! My lovely ladies.

Landry, Lis, Mira, and me (ugh at my hair). It was a swanky place.

Lunch 1000

Dinner roll with butter, grilled chicken breast in a mushroom cream sauce with mashed potatoes and julienned vegetables (so delish)

Apple pie with vanilla bean ice cream

Dinner 600

Zucchini, Romaine lettuce, Chinese sausages

Bao fan (clay pot mixed rice with Chinese sausage and gai lan), rosewater nian gao, roasted turkey soup with peas, carrots and potatoes

Frooozen chocolate covered banana

Silly Leo Club people

Fat Bertha

A few of the acts for the talent show

Post-dinner snacks 480

Cookies, hot chocolate

Post-8 [200]

California-style cheesecake from Star Cafe (it tasted exactly like a Chinese bakery birthday cake, no joke -- down to the fluffy frosting, the fruit, and the sliced almonds all around the edge)

Total 2690
Workout - No / Eating after 8 - Yes